Breast Disease

Who Is At Risk

About one in seven North American women will develop breast cancer. Any woman is at risk, but some have predictable greater cause for concern.

Risk Factors

  • Age greater than 60
  • Family history of breast cancer - mother, sister, daughter
  • Prior history of breast disease - cancer or atypia
  • Early menarche - late menopause
  • Childless or first pregnancy after age of 30 years
  • Caucasian race


Surgical Institute provides comprehensive breast care including preventative measures, risk assessment and counseling, biopsy and patient directed treatment options. We utilize all current diagnostic and treatment modalities including ultrasound, mammography, office needle aspiration, needle localization, stereotactic biopsy, mammotone biopsy and surgical treatment options from breast preservation to mastectomy. By having all the options as a part of our standard practice, we can tailor-fit the needs and individual desires of each patient.

We will educate and assist you with decision making - not dictate your care.